As a fine art photographer, I feel its always about finding art and the search goes on a on and deeper and deeper with every click.

It all started with a hobby which turned into a profession and now a life, I really cant see beyond image making and for me creating images is very very intuitive… sometimes you just know this is there for you.. for you to explore.. and capture and sometimes even if you have found your subject you tend to look more into it.

My aim has always been to create the “unusual from the usual”, from things that we see everyday.. every minute.. passing by or sometimes ignore… I feel images are all around us.. its for us to find the art…and this is the search that is always there when I start with my series or body of work.

My obsession has always been bottles and glasses and I see a lot inside a broken or an empty bottle and like to create abstract images out of my obsession.

Looking around… people, places, things.. and trying to find the most unusual perspective to the most usual thing. Gets me going! In the end, all I would like to say is.. life is photography… music… and travelling….